Tips for Success
• Give God your best you.
• Find an accountability partner who you can connect with daily
• Journal about your discoveries
• Consider reading as a couple or family together.
• Aim for 20 minutes.

Getting Started
•Identify a consistent time & place to meet with God. Turn off all distractions to focus on your time with God.


•Read the entire passage of scripture/s for the current day.
•Pick one verse from the passage that speaks to you.
•Copy that verse at the top of your entry for that page.


•Observe what the verse says. Think about who it was addressed to and why it was written. Ponder its meaning, tone and purpose.
• Take several moments to meditate on it and let it soak into your heart.
•Write down your observations in a paragraph or few sentences in your journal.


•Write out how you plan to put into practice the lesson from what you have read?
•How will you be different today as a result of what you‘ve just read? How does this verse apply to me?


•Write out word for word your prayer to God based on your reading.
•Ask him to help you and thank him for his word.

Name It
•Go back to the top and give your journal entry a name.

Download S.O.A.P. Journal here – SOAP Devotion – How to