At Central Life Church we believe in equipping people for life!!

The Resource Page is provided as resource to aid in your spiritual growth. These resources will help you to strengthen your prayer life, devotional life and bible study time.

Just as we cannot eat once a week in order to maintain optimum physical health, neither can we rely only on Sunday messages or quick devotional reads to give us optimum spiritual health. Here you will find a wide variety of tools to assist you and enhance your journey as a learner and follower of Christ.

Take the Read (or listen to) the Bible in a year challenge!

Download the Bible App on Your Mobile Phone!

Read through the Bible in One Year (you can read or listen to the Bible each day, it’s just a click away!)

Help for your devotion time (S.O.A.P)

Search the Bible Right Now  (Look up any word or verse in the Bible here)

How To Create a Devotional Life

How To Study the Bible

How To Share Your Faith

How To Pray